Evaluation of Project.

As a document of life on earth I think that my project has worked well. My images show a selection of people and some of their daily activities. Therefore I think that I have succeeded in my aim to create a piece of work that is both photographically and historically interesting. I have documented the work of the builder and mechanic as accurately and as naturally as possible, so given an insight into their working life. I am pleased with the images that I have produced and think that I have been able to put into practice my knowledge of camera functions, composition and post editing skills. As a body of black and white images I am pleased with the outcome.

Through my work in the darkroom to accompany this blog I have improved my printing skills and learned more about the functions of the enlargers. I have also experimented with new techniques to give interesting effects such as the tracing paper and plastic sheets.

Through the project I have looked into the work of some photographers that I hadn’t seen before and this has helped to inspire me and help me to guide my project in the direction that I took it. The work of James Ravilious has been particularly inspiring and I think that his work is a brilliant record of life on earth in the area and time that he was covering. His work, was the most influential on my project out of the photographers that I studied. The idea of following the subject around for a period of time like W. Eugene Smith also influenced my project and is how I decided to conduct my shoots.

Through the project I have also looked into narratives and story telling through photography and how elements within photographs, and captions to accompany, them can build a story for the viewer, whether real or not.

To extend the project it would be nice to document the work of other professions and equipment, giving a wider view of working life within the population. I could also combine this with the idea of narrative, and tell a story of a day in the life of each.

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